State Licenses

State License Number License Type Regulated Text Disclosures
Alabama 20906 Consumer Credit License
Arizona 0949142 Mortgage Banker License
Arkansas 113202 Mortgage Banker
Arkansas 113202 Mortgage Broker
California 41DBO-60614 Residential Mortgage Lending Act License
Colorado Mortgage Company Registration
District of Columbia MLB65084 Mortgage Dual Authority License
Florida MLD44 Mortgage Lender
Idaho MBL-9648 Mortgage Broker/Lender License
Illinois MB.6761153 Residential Mortgage License (Brokering Activity)
Illinois MB.6761153 Residential Mortgage License (Originating Activity)
Indiana Subordinate Lien Mortgage Lending License
Indiana Loan Broker License
Indiana 22271 First Lien Mortgage Lending License
Indiana 22271 Mortgage Lender's License
Iowa 2018-0033 Mortgage Banker
Kansas MC.0025402 Mortgage Company License
Kentucky MC82973 Mortgage Company License
Louisiana Residential Mortgage Lending License
Maryland 22202 Mortgage Lender License
Michigan FL0019233 First Mortgage Lender License/Registrant
Michigan FL0019233 First Mortgage Broker License/Registrant
Minnesota MN-MO-65084 Residential Mortgage Originator License
Mississippi 65084 Mortgage Lender
Missouri 18-2103 Mortgage Broker
Montana 65084 Mortgage Broker
Montana 65084 Mortgage Lender
Nebraska Mortgage Bankers
Nevada 4896 Mortgage Broker
New Jersey Residential Mortgage Lender License
New Mexico Mortgage Loan Company License
North Carolina L-156031 Mortgage Lender
North Dakota MB103276 Money Broker License
Ohio RM.804130.000 RMLA Certificate of Registration
Ohio MB.804130.000
Oklahoma ML011629 Mortgage Lender
Oregon ML-5794 Mortgage Lender
Pennsylvania 57071 Mortgage Lender License
South Carolina MLS - 65084 Mortgage Lender
South Dakota ML.05203 Mortgage Lender License
Tennessee 109230 Mortgage License
Texas Mortgage Banker Registration
Utah 10831097 Mortgage Entity License
Virginia MC-5803 Mortgage Broker
Virginia MC-5803 Mortgage Lender
Washington CL-65084 Consumer Loan License
West Virginia MB-34496 Mortgage Broker License
West Virginia ML-34497 Mortgage Lender License
Wisconsin 65084BA Mortgage Banker License
Wisconsin 65084BR Mortgage Broker License
Wyoming 3211 Mortgage Lender/Broker License